Your copilot for robotics data.

Tired of writing scripts to search and analyze data?
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Get the data you need, faster.

Securely store slices of robotics data in the cloud. You can then search, analyze, and transform it in a few clicks.
Filter and downsample raw data for fast upload
Enrich and transform your data with existing models
Search across sensor modalities and data types
Organize data into collections and dynamic reports
Export data to labeling and training platforms


Search your data with
powerful multi-modal queries


Analyze your data
for patterns and edge cases


Transform your data
for labeling and training


Tag and share slices
of data with your team
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Natural Language

Use natural language to search your sensor data across multiple modalities at the same time.

Signal Search

Highlight any time-series signal to find similar occurrences across your datasets using our patent-pending signal search technology.

Support for common formats

Whether you're using a robotics framework, or working with raw formats, Roboto makes it easy to transform and analyze your data.
ROS dataROS 2 dataPX4 data
& more
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