Meet our founders

Our founding team has been working at the forefront of robotics and artificial intelligence for the last decade.

From simulation to computer vision, we've worked across the robotics stack but spent most of our time chasing edge cases. Anyone working in robotics knows how hard it is to go from a prototype to a safe and reliable production system.

We think one of the biggest hurdles holding the industry back is a lack of suitable infrastructure for quickly searching multi-modal sensor data and logs. Without a way to query this data efficiently, companies discover system failures too late.

Robotics is hard, but it shouldn't be this hard. We're now on a mission to get robots into production faster, by getting AI to do the dirty work for us! We're excited to have the support of an incredible group of advisors and investors to make it happen.

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Benji Barash
Co-Founder & CEO
Former engineering leader at Amazon Robotics.

Benji is a software engineer with a background in computer science. Prior to starting Roboto, Benji created simulation platforms and developed safety-critical autonomy algorithms.

Originally from London  🇬🇧
Yves Albers-Schoenberg
Co-Founder & CTO
Former science leader at Amazon Robotics and AWS.

Yves is a machine learning scientist with a background in robotics from ETH Zürich. In past lives, Yves created industry-leading perception models for autonomous drones and satellites.

Originally from Zürich 🇨🇭
Backed by the best
We’re hiring!

We’re looking for talented people

We spun out of the Allen Institute for AI in Seattle and are now looking to expand our team. We're primarily based in Seattle & Zürich, but remote-friendly!
Senior Frontend Engineer
Build groundbreaking new user experiences for analyzing sensor data!
Seattle, WA
Senior Backend Engineer
Join us and build a robotics data engine that customers love!
Seattle, WA