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Roboto Presents at the Northwest Robotics Alliance

We were delighted to present at the inaugural meeting of the Northwest Robotics Alliance in Seattle!
Written by
Benji Barash
April 18, 2023

Hi everyone,

Our team had a great evening at the inaugural Northwest Robotics Alliance (NWRA) event in Seattle. The NWRA is an organization focused on uniting local robotics companies, industrial giants, and universities within the region to create a vibrant ecosystem. It's primarily supported by Fresh Consulting, Madrona and Cascadia.

Hot off the heels of our $4.8M seed funding announcement, we were excited to be invited to present a lightning talk about Roboto. You can find the full recording below, with my talk starting at 1:25:46. I gave some background on why building robots is still so hard, what we're building to help, and showed some demos of our AI-powered sandbox in action!

See you at the next NWRA event!