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Surviving the Flood (of Rosbags)

Watch our recorded talk at ROSCon for lessons we learned building robots at Amazon, and how to survive the flood of data that robots generate.
Written by
Benji Barash
November 11, 2023

Hi everyone!

Our team had a blast at ROSCon 2023 in New Orleans this year. Aside from eating far too many beignets, it was great to see old friends and colleagues as well as so many new faces who have gotten into robotics recently. The community has really grown. The conference was attended by over 700 people (a record!) and comprised of engineers and researchers from some amazing companies and institutions (see official recap). Given our strong commitment to open source robotics, Roboto was gold sponsor at this year's conference and we had a ton of fun meeting people at our booth.

I was excited to be selected to present in the main conference about the flood of robotics data that engineers face today. I shared painful lessons learned developing robots at Amazon over the last decade, and described an approach to survive the flood. I also showed some of the work we're doing at Roboto to help solve this.

You can watch a recording of my talk below. Open Robotics has also now made all of the talks available online here.

During the conference, we released a developer preview of Roboto's data engine that makes post-processing sensor data and logs easier than ever. If you're building robots, or work with lots of sensor data, sign up for free and try it out. We have lots of additional features in the pipeline and we’d love to get your early feedback. Get started by reading our documentation, and join our Discord channel to chat.

In the talk, I also presented our Actions framework that powers post-processing in Roboto. We're starting to build an open source community around Actions to prevent duplication of common transformations and algorithms across the industry. If you want to get involved, check out robologs on GitHub!

See below for some extra photos, including shots of the incredible drone show at the PX4 Dev Summit, and mark your calendars for ROSCon 2024 in Denmark next year!