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Roboto Joins the Open Source Robotics Alliance

We've joined the OSRA as an inaugural member!
Written by
Benji Barash
April 2, 2024

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been invited to join the Open Source Robotics Alliance (OSRA) as an inaugural member. The OSRA is a new initiative designed to strengthen governance of popular open-source robotics software projects including ROS, Gazebo and OpenRMF.

The OSRA will use a mixed membership and meritocratic model, following other successful foundations for open-source projects, including The Linux Foundation and the Eclipse Foundation. The center of the OSRA will be the Technical Governance Committee (TGC), which will oversee the activities of various Project Management Committees, Technical Committees, Special Interest Groups, and Working Groups.

The OSRA is being supported at a platinum level by key organizations, including NVIDIA, Intrinsic, and Qualcomm Technologies.

“NVIDIA develops with ROS 2 to bring accelerated computing and AI to developers, researchers, and commercial applications,” said Gordon Grigor, VP Robotics Software, NVIDIA. “As an inaugural platinum member of OSRA, we will collaborate to advance open-source robotics throughout the ecosystem by aiding development efforts, and providing governance and continuity.”

Our team at Roboto has benefited tremendously from open-source robotics projects, especially the Robot Operating System (ROS) and supporting tools. We've become active members of the Open Robotics community, including sponsoring ROSCon and giving invited talks. Joining the OSRA underscores our commitment to furthering open-source robotics software development and ensuring the community continues to thrive.

We are particularly motivated to see commitment from larger organizations such as NVIDIA and Qualcomm Technologies who recognize the importance of this initiative, and continue to propel the industry forward with their leading hardware. Over the last few years, the advent of embedded GPUs, cheap sensors and powerful AI has unlocked so many new types of robots, often powered by open-source software. It's a VERY exciting time to be in the space...

Stay tuned,